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We Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee With A Look Back At Her Best Hats

2 Jun

photo: Getty

Queen Elizabeth II is all set to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee–that’s 60 years on the throne as the Queen of England–and 60 years of elaborate hats.

Her Royal Highness is adored by her subjects, including Simon Doonan, who recently proclaimed Her Majesty QE2 (aka ‘Brenda,’ as she is known by her staffers) as ‘the most fashionable woman in the world’ in a hilarious piece for

In an era when the fashion landscape has fragmented into an infinite archipelago of conflicting trends and incomprehensible ideas, the only thing that really matters is to have your own signature look. Who has accomplished this if not QE2? Those boldly-hued matching dresses, coats, and hats—plus contrasting what-the-hell-does-she-carry-in-them handbags—positively scream “Brenda!”

Yes, Her Royal Highness is fly indeed. Here at Fashionista, we are particularly enthralled with her extensive hat collection. Homegirl has headgear for every occasion. Though her favorite hat might be encrusted with jewels, some of her more low-key looks are quite becoming indeed.

Click through for a look at some of Her Majesty’s best toppers.

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