Since Brad Pitt’s the New Face of Chanel, Here are Other Famous Dudes in Fashion Ads

10 May

Chanel announced today that Brad Pitt will be the new face od Chanel No.5–making him the first ever male spokesperson for the iconic fragrance. That got us thinking: Could other storied brands go the same route as Chanel? Will we be seeing more handsome male faces in some of our favorite female-targeted campaigns?

If that’s the case, supermodel Coco Rocha  is not going to be happy. She tweeted earlier today: “No working model is happy for Brad Pitt and his new gig as the `face’ of Chanel No. 5.#ThingsBitterModelsSay Cc: @Models@StyleWatchMag.” Ouch. No doubt, Rocha would have leapt at the chance to represent the brand, whose eponymous designer she shares a first name with.

But while we highly doubt models like Rocha will get edged out by leading male actors, we couldn’t resist the chance to re-cast some of our favorite ads–with a little more testosterone this time.

Click through to see what James Franco, David Beckham, One Direction, and more, would look like as the faces of some of the most iconic fashion brands.

I was enjoying looking those guys from One Direction band :). They are so cute :).



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