Adventures in Copyright: Was Jason Wu Inspired by Douglas Hannant?

8 Jan

Photos: Getty, Jason Wu

Douglas Hannant and Jason Wu share a similar design aesthetic and clientele (classy, high-end), but do they also share similar designs? The NY Post is reporting that “sources” noticed that a look from Jason Wu’s pre- fall 2012 collection was strikingly similar to a Douglas Hannant frock that Anne Heche wore in September.

The dress that Anne Heche wears in the center is by Hannant from his fall 2011 collection; the dresses flanking her are both from Wu’s recent pre-fall 2012 collection. The NY Post reported that the form-fitting red houndstooth on the left was the dress that was in contention, but the black and white dress–although the skirt is different–has a similar look, too. Douglas Hannant told the Post, “If I knew that Jason Wu liked my dress so much, I would have sold it to him.” Ouch.

So what do you think: forgivable coincidence or obvious knock-off?


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